Why Engage a POS Professional

Over the last 12 months our key supplier, Uniwell POS Australia, has been working hard to increase their working knowledge of the Australian hospitality industry to enable us to provide better point of sale solutions. Uniwell’s team have been to numerous tradeshows and seminars, conducted research projects and used social media to make connections with hundreds of cafés, restaurants and other food outlets. One of the key learnings that have been gained during this time is just how much goes into setting up a successful hospitality venue. This has helped POS dealers like ourselves to understand that, even though we might recognise POS to be a crucial component in your business, it is just one of dozens of factors that hospitality owners must consider.

Another interesting factor that we’ve noted is the modern focus on ‘technology DIY’ that has become prevalent in recent years. Particularly for the younger generation of business owners and entrepreneurs who have grown up with computers, iPads and other similarly advanced technologies, the ability to research, implement and even develop their own tech solutions has changed the way they do business. However, while in the most part this new trend has led to a level of self-sufficiency and therefore saved money, it can come at a cost if the technology requires specialist knowledge.

Why engage GPOS, a Uniwell POS professional based in Adelaide

Let’s consider five reasons why South Australian hospitality venue managers are well advised to engage a point of sale professional to assist them with the implementation and support of their venue’s point of sale system:

  1. Know what the system is (or should be) capable of

Specialised hospitality POS systems typically have a series of features designed to improve venue workflow through advanced automation or communication processes. When assisting an end-user with an existing POS system that requires improvement, it is amazing how often we hear the phrase “I didn’t know it could do that.” This is generally due to a DIY or non-professional installation. But discussing your requirements with a POS professional allows you to receive the best possible advice regarding what your system is capable of, and how to go about implementing features that will work for you.

  1. Save time in the setting up and implementing of your system

If you’ve ever been through the setup of a hospitality POS system before, you’ll know that the process can be complex and time consuming. Your menu, prices and other item settings need to be entered in an organised manner. Advanced features such as option lists for products, promotional functions and POS screen layouts may also require attention. Additionally, these settings may need to be entered in a specific order to function correctly. By engaging a POS professional to assist you with your point of sale setup, you benefit from their experience, and the procedures and shortcuts they have developed over the years – potentially saving you needless wasted hours of frustration.

  1. Understanding the specialist nature of POS peripherals alleviates frustration

While some POS apps can be loaded on a standard tablet or computer, many POS peripherals, such as receipt and kitchen printers, cash drawers and some barcode scanners may not be ‘plug and play’ in nature. Additionally, you may need a reasonable understanding of fixed or wireless networking to get some devices to connect correctly to your POS terminal. Again, a point of sale professional will be able to source, configure and connect the appropriate peripherals to complete your hospitality POS solution.

  1. Expert training leads to efficient operation

Another service your POS professional can provide is training in the operation and maintenance of your new point of sale system. Over time, you will want to refine and improve your POS, as well as periodically change your pricing or menu. The training you receive, including access to online tutorials and quick reference guides, allows you to fully benefit from your investment. You can also learn how to generate reports that will be of benefit to you as you analyse your hospitality operation, and refine your system over the months and years ahead.

  1. Benefit from personalised support from the team that helps set up your system

The final benefit of engaging a POS professional that we will consider here is that of the ongoing support services that they provide. When installing a new POS system, there will typically be a period of included backup support that allows you to receive help as you become accustomed to your new setup. However, obtaining further support on an ongoing basis acts as a form of insurance, allowing you to be confident that you will be kept up to date with the latest developments and that timely help will arrive if something unexpected occurs that interrupts your POS operation.

With so much involved in running a successful hospitality venue, it makes sense to utilise the expertise of professionals that can help you save one of your most valuable resources, your time.

Your POS system is vital to the smooth operation and effective management of your business, so don’t leave the proper configuration and utilisation of this critical component to chance. Contact GPOS in Adelaide to discuss your point of sale requirements and how we can assist you!

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