Support Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of GPOS Support Services:

General Policies: New POS System installations provided by GPOS come with a 12 month GPOS Support Desk Subscription. Thereafter, GPOS continues to offer support on an annual subscription basis. If no support agreement/subscription is in place, all support will be charged at our standard service/support rates.

  • Support subscribers will need to have internet, email and TeamViewer access (at the time of the support request/appointment) to take full advantage of their GPOS Support Subscription. While we will assist as best as we can, GPOS is not responsible to find an alternative method of support if these basic services are not available at the time of the support request/appointment.
  • Subscribers must nominate at least 1 primary email contact to receive direct communication from GPOS regarding support.
  • While every effort is made to provide ongoing training to end-users who have continued to subscribe to our services, GPOS does not include extensive training of new staff where previously trained and supported staff leave the subscribed business.  We do provide online training material to be used in this instance, or can provide a quotation for onsite or remote personalised training.
  • GPOS Support Desk Subscriptions come with uncapped email support (subject to the provisos outlined in ‘General Policies’). We suggest that email is the first method of contact to receive support unless the nature of the situation is urgent (i.e. your system is currently inoperable).
  • GPOS reserves the right to limit or terminate support service to a customer who uses the service in an irregular, excessive, abusive or fraudulent manner.
  • Terms, conditions, support features, procedures, pricing and support availability are subject to change at any time without notice.

Service Availability: Support hours are 8:00am to 6:00pm (ACST) Monday to Friday. We also have links available via our website to online resources (including YouTube videos and online tutorials) that are typically available 24/7. Service availability may occasionally deviate from stated hours due to downtime of telecommunications systems, in-house maintenance and observed Australian public holidays. GPOS cannot guarantee that you will not experience some delay in having a support technician answer your query – as our workload fluctuates so too will response time. Additionally, if we need to utilise external expertise to assist with support enquiries, our ability to provide timely support will also be affected by the timeliness of the outside assistance.

  • TeamViewer remote access sessions – GPOS utilises TeamViewer sessions for remote support, including providing specific software training, troubleshooting errors (subject to the ‘Support Topic Limitations’ below) or collecting software data for analysis where required. GPOS cannot guarantee immediate availability to conduct these sessions at the time of the subscriber instigating a ‘Support Incident’. If you wish to make an appointment for a TeamViewer session, please contact us via email so that we can arrange a mutually suitable time.

Support Incident Caps: GPOS Support Desk Subscriptions typically include a capped number of ‘Support Incidents’ that can be utilised by the subscriber over the course of their subscription period. These include phone calls, as well as TeamViewer remote troubleshooting or data analysis sessions. GPOS reserves the right to record the number and length of support incidents during the course of the subscription, and cap support where it exceeds the levels allowed for in the subscription.

Support Topic Limitations: Enquiries are limited to the following topics: POS equipment maintenance and troubleshooting, operational procedures and functionality programming, software installation and licensing, upgrade assistance, program functionality, correct operational procedures and troubleshooting errors. GPOS does not claim to resolve connectivity issues, hardware or software, or general networking problems caused by third-party services or service providers. GPOS Support Desk Subscriptions do not cover enquiries on general accounting or taxation issues, nor does they include computer support outside the scope of the software products we provide. The determination of the nature of your query for these purposes will be made by the GPOS technician.

Support Incident Resolution: An incident will be considered resolved when one of the following has been provided:

  • Instructions to resolve the issue, such as:
    • A hyperlink to the relevant online documentation.
    • A description explaining a technique or procedure to follow.
    • A hyperlink to a software update to address the issue.
  • An acknowledgement that the issue is a known problem that can be resolved by upgrading to the latest version of the product.
  • Confirmation that the issue is caused by an unresolved issue in a Lynx Software product.
  • Information detailing that the issue is caused by either a third-party product or a hardware problem.

Software Updates and Upgrades: While all care is taken in performing remote access work on a subscriber’s computer, GPOS is not responsible for computer hardware, internet connectivity or data integrity problems that may arise during remote access.

Expired Subscriptions: GPOS Support Desk Subscribers who do not wish to renew their subscription at the time of its expiry, but later require support from GPOS have the following options:

  • Purchase a 12 month subscription renewal, which will be back-dated to the time of the original subscription’s expiry.
  • If no support agreement/subscription is in place, all support will be charged at our standard service/support rates.

Payment terms:

  • All repairs and supplies are COD, with payment due on delivery, pick-up or installation, unless otherwise arranged or client has approved account with GPOS.
  • For orders of new equipment / software a 50% deposit of purchase price is required with balance paid on delivery / installation.
  • GPOS reserves the right to withhold all support when the end-user’s account balance is outstanding.


See also: GPOS Standard Service Price Schedule

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